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About Me


I qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2015, something I wanted to do since having a Personal Trainer myself when I was 15. I spent my teenage years dealing with a very unhealthy relationship with food and tried every crash diet going. It wasn’t until I really learned about the science behind food and fitness that I began living a healthier life and having a better relationship with my body.


Now, I have two young children, both girls, and I have felt first-hand the knock in body confidence post-baby - it was a time in my life when I was already feeling fragile, and in this vulnerable state I felt bombarded with pictures of 'snap-back' celebs on social media. Snap-back culture is not ok. The pressure women face can be overwhelming. There is a distinct feeling that comes from the media, and perhaps from society in general, that women are too big, too small, too muscley, too skinny, too loud, too shy, too too too too… it can seem really hard to just simply be accepted as you are - I have since realised that the only kind of acceptance you need, comes from within. The internal and external battles we go through are hard, but I think so much can be done to change this. I want to build a business that is based on supporting women as much as it is about fitness and physical health.

I am here to make a change. I am here to help build strong women, both physically and mentally. I am already raising two strong, independent girls, who are confident and comfortable in their own skin. Let’s embrace our inner toddlers and find the confidence to become strong, happy women!

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